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  • The Security Guards / System Operators required to be employed in Internet Security Systems (pvt) ltd areication
  • Physically and medically fit
  • Trained by APSAA training center
  • Holding CNIC card / discharge book, domicile, local police enquiry report etc
  • Literate enough
  • Preferably not more than 45 years of age
  • Preferably from Armed Forces / Civil Armed Forces
  • Preferably not less than 5’-2’’ (5 feet & 2 inches)


    Maintain shifts operational and contract administration for local guard security services at client Project site during his shift. Coordinates and controls shift supervision of all areas under his responsibility.

         JOB DUTIES

  • Provides operational and administrative control for all security personnel assigned during his shift
  • Serves as the first management representative in decision making during emergencies or other situations requiring senior level operational judgment
  • Briefs Mobile / Foot Patrols for scheduled and unscheduled visits, prior to their assumption of duty and monitors all reporting during the shift
  • Assigns or replaces necessary guards and equipment to meet operational requirements
  • Supervises guards and takes steps to eliminate and solve any security problem
  • Inspects guard’s posts within the assigned area according to the technical manager’s guidelines. Inspection duties may / will include
  • Guards in proper uniform & equipment, alert and aware of post and general orders
  • Read and check post logs
  • Ensure the guards are on post on time
  • Collects all guard’s special reports and provide them to the project manager
  • Keeps a log book and repots the following
  • Equipment status
  • Security guard assignments
  • Incidents in all supervisors’ reports
  • Request for new and / or substitute posts
  • Patrol incidents
  • Conducts muster formations

  • Communicate all messages to the company local office from security guards, civil law enforcement authorities and client.
  • Reports ASAP to client’s, Internet Security & Project Manager any situation or incident involving personnel or personal property accident:
  • Emergency situations
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Security personnel misconduct
  • Personnel accidents
  • Static Security Guard


  • Performs all guard duties as assigned in a prompt and professional manner, consistent with the written directives, procedures and post orders


  • M and security at fixed posts;
    • Performs foot patrols / inspections
    • Serve as a security escort
    • Enforces client – rules and regulations
    • Conduct approved personnel / vehicle / baggage & package inspections and searches
    • Responds to emergency situations
    • Protects property from theft and other security hazards
    • Performs other duties assigned by the appropriate authorities
  • Examine packages / baggage / mail as required by clients
  • Identify visitors outside the complex, review their identification and maintain accurate logs. Screens specified identification cards and escorts visitors to enter the premises, as desired by client.
  • Studies and implements carefully the post orders according to the assigned post
  • Maintain accurate information on all incident
  • Submit all reports to the shift supervisor on termination of his shift
  • Signs all time sheets and post attendance records (sign in / sign out)
  • Keeps a neat appearance and wears uniform accordingly




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